Don’t Like Something? Stand Up and Change It!

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“Life has no remote….get up and change it yourself!” ― Mark A. Cooper One of my dear friends is feeling overwhelmed. She is bringing work home with her, isn’t getting enough “off” time, personal priorities are taking a backseat to work and she isn’t feeling like she has reached her true professional potential. Can you … Read More

The Big Power of a Little Break

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Last night after a long day of work, I was folding laundry with my daughter. I was tired and grouchy and was snippy. My daughter talks a lot and I wasn’t able to keep up with answering her questions and funneling her incredible energy while doing chores (which was the last thing I wanted to be doing after a … Read More

New Awakening, New Wild Web Woman Adventure

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I left the confines of corporate hell over a decade ago. I could do my job anywhere as long as I had a computer and an internet connection, so having to commute to an office and deal with inefficiencies (water cooler talk, distractions, politics, time driving) and unnecessary expenses (dry cleaning, gas, work lunches) felt ridiculous to me. … Read More

My Little Love Line

Family, Inspiration

I don’t wait for observations like Valentine’s Day to give my love to the people who matter. (I do love the excuse to eat a ton of candy though!) For all of my daughter’s years of life (she is 4) I say to her multiple times per week “I love you today, and every day, in each and every … Read More

The Power of A Personal Mantra


When I did my last move, I came across a lime-green notecard with these words and teared up. These simple steps have helped me so much in life. When I was in my mid 20’s, one of my undergraduate courses at Antioch University in Santa Barbara required students to create a personal code of ethics. My learning experience yielded this … Read More

Know What You Want, Own What You Want

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One of the biggest obstacles to getting what you want in life is knowing what you want in life. In preparation for a talk I am giving to a group of amazing women in business, I researched what it takes to reinvent or reinvigorate our lives – personally and professionally.  Being clear on what you want is the most challenging … Read More

On A New Path

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This is my first personal blog post in over a year. As a woman who always has something to say, not be able to blog felt really out of character for me (especially because I blog for dozens of clients daily!). As I move into my 38th year of life and reflect on the past year, the reason I wasn’t a … Read More