How to Create a Sustainable and Effective Marketing Strategy

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Amy Evans, host of the AlignWomen podcast, interviewed me for her “Enabling Sustainable Marketing Strategies for Intentional Entrepreneurs” episode. The AlignWomen podcast features female entrepreneurs, leaders, and other professional women who’ve demonstrated agency and innovation in their personal and professional lives. It’s a podcast I enjoy watching and listening to, and I was happy to … Read More

Interview with Voyage Atl

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It was wonderful to be interviewed again by Voyage Atl. Helping leaders lead themselves unapologetically rocks my world and being able to share more about my work is such an honor. Running my marketing agency for over 15 years and supporting intentional leaders have helped me discover key things that are essential for ongoing success. … Read More

Professional Purging

Random Musings

purge /pərj/ verb 1. rid (a thing or person) of an unwanted quality, feeling, or condition. “It felt so good to purge pointless marketing emails I was stupidly saving, many from over 10 years ago” 2. remove (a group of people considered undesirable) from an organization or place in an abrupt way. “she purged the … Read More

The Power of Equal Partnership

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I was about to set my phone to sleep mode on Friday, September 18th and before I did, had one last check on email and social media. I read the sad, sad news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. My Instagram feed was overflowing with gorgeous RBG quotes and photos of her (a sign I’m following … Read More

The Power of Pause

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The physical distancing in place to help slow the spread COVID-19 has forced so many of us to press the pause button. Much to my dismay, I cancelled two personal trips this month to see friends and family I love. My future speaking engagements (which rock my world to give) have been cancelled, and my upcoming … Read More