Professional Purging

Random Musings

purge /pərj/ verb 1. rid (a thing or person) of an unwanted quality, feeling, or condition. “It felt so good to purge pointless marketing emails I was stupidly saving, many from over 10 years ago” 2. remove (a group of people considered undesirable) from an organization or place in an abrupt way. “she purged the … Read More

The Power of Equal Partnership

Random Musings, Women in Business

I was about to set my phone to sleep mode on Friday, September 18th and before I did, had one last check on email and social media. I read the sad, sad news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. My Instagram feed was overflowing with gorgeous RBG quotes and photos of her (a sign I’m following … Read More

Turn Gratitude Into an Action, Not a Hashtag

Lifestyle Business, Random Musings

It’s easy to run across the word “gratitude” during the holidays. It’s even easier to forget about it. Under the deluge of emails, phone calls, and life and work demands we face daily, gratitude often gets relegated to a f-ing hashtag trickling down the overloaded social media feeds of your 2,500-plus contacts. But gratitude as … Read More