Voicing My Values

Motherhood, Musings, Style

I treated my daughter to some fabulous shades (it was #NationalSunglassesDay after all!) on a recent shopping trip. After the splurge, we held hands, walked around the shopping area and I talked to her about some of my personal values (areas in parentheses were not verbalized to her). I said matter-of-factly: I value the truth … Read More

Know What You Want, Own What You Want

Career, Family, Health, Inspiration, Musings, Style

One of the biggest obstacles to getting what you want in life is knowing what you want in life. In preparation for a talk I am giving to a group of amazing women in business, I researched what it takes to reinvent or reinvigorate our lives – personally and professionally.  Being clear on what you want is the most challenging … Read More

Wild Web Woman Style


I always say that “life as a wild web woman isn’t always pretty, but it’s always pretty wonderful” and today’s not-so-pretty “bedroom to office” look is pretty hysterical.  I had to share.  I really need to change to dress like I mean business.  Even if nobody sees me, I need to kick this sloppy style … Read More