It was wonderful to be interviewed again by Voyage Atl. Helping leaders lead themselves unapologetically rocks my world and being able to share more about my work is such an honor. Running my marketing agency for over 15 years and supporting intentional leaders have helped me discover key things that are essential for ongoing success. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Business

I often describe my work as being a transformational marketing guide because no matter which facet of my business I’m active in at the moment, I guide, advocate for, and advise my clients in a way that helps them transform their business – and themselves – in wild and wonderful ways. 

As a female entrepreneur, I especially LOVE helping women step into their unique beauty and purpose, personally and professionally. Too many women are stuck in the “go, go, go” mentality and suffer burnout, when it doesn’t have to be that way. I know because I was there, too.

In 2018, my life looked perfect – business was booming, I had a fabulous husband and a great kid, two homes, I was serving on volunteer boards – and I looked healthy and fit. But I was fried. I finally got my wake-up call when I drove my car one night off a road I knew like the back of my hand. I was driving in the fog without my brights on.

The FOG that nearly killed me was not only on the outside; it was inside me, too.

I realized I needed to get super clear on what I needed, to recognize what was working and what wasn’t, and to begin, I had to let go of FOG as in Fatigue, Obligation, and Guilt. Today, part of my work, my magic, is helping other women clear their fog, too, and gain clarity so they can step into gorgeous new levels of success.

“People power businesses”

People power businesses, and when the people are not whole, success suffers. 

If a business isn’t growing and thriving, the answer may lie with the leader. She may need to get more nourished or re-aligned to drive the business in successful ways. In order to grow, you have to be rooted, and to do that you have to be clear. Women get clear with rest and support. 

My transformational marketing work blends in personal retreats and revival guidance work, integrating expertise I’ve gained from many areas in my life – entrepreneurship, style, relationships, wellness, intuition, and more. 

I give individual guidance and support to my clients, but I’ll also connect them with the right experts when needed. The goal is to help women create beautiful lives using their businesses as the vehicle to get there! 

The Biggest Mistake You’re Probably Making

I believe the biggest mistake leaders make is not disconnecting to reconnect. We are human BEings, not human DOings! Leaders tend to forget that in order to give their best to their teams and companies, they need to get revived. To do that, they need to reconnect – to themselves, to their purpose, to their gifts. The Rx is simple – rest and retreat.

While my agency, Web Marketing Therapy, optimizes marketing and gets things on the right path, I found a deeper need to help leaders work on themselves, to give them the permission they needed to make themselves a priority.  

This work has been so amazing. I’ve worked with leaders who’ve changed their health habits, work habits and personal branding habits. I’ve even guided image makeovers (hair, clothing, appearance) to help these leaders step into their unique beauty.

“The missing piece of business success is self-work”

What would I like to see more women business owners do to be successful?

It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but self-work fuels self-worth, and happy, healthy leaders make wealthy organizations!

Business owners NEED to give themselves permission to get clear on what they want and need to succeed and go after it. That includes asking for help and support and becoming aware of what is working for us and what isn’t. 

It’s a joy and a privilege to help leaders lead themselves unapologetically, get clear and create businesses that support them and create the happiness, health, and wealth they want and deserve.