The physical distancing in place to help slow the spread COVID-19 has forced so many of us to press the pause button. Much to my dismay, I cancelled two personal trips this month to see friends and family I love. My future speaking engagements (which rock my world to give) have been cancelled, and my upcoming pre-paid vacations might not happen.

And you know what? I am actually ok with it all.

Sure, I hated telling my daughter that we weren’t going on our upcoming trips and I’m annoyed about the money lost on pre-paid hotels, AirBandB’s and flights. But in the grand scheme of things, I have to remember that it’s just money and what is more important than money is happiness and health.

As derailing as this might be, there is power in this pause if we are willing to open our hearts and minds…

This time of pause has given me the space I desperately needed to read, rest, reflect and BE.

I love BEing with my daughter, my cats, my husband. Being more present at work (and very thankful I have run a business that has been completely virtual for 15 years) To connect with people I love, to focus on wellness…primarily nourishment.

Having my daughter home from school (for how long, who knows?) has pulled me off of the hamster wheel of life. On a normal day, I would get up, make lunch, get her up, make breakfast, watch time like a madwoman, make sure she gets in the car for the drive to school well fed, properly dressed, teeth brushed, armed for the day THEN come home, clean up, and start hitting my workday with the same level of intensity.

Now, I am enjoying sleeping in, making muffins, sipping tea, eating with slow conversation and focusing on being a leader as much as I possibly can (without wearing a bra as much as possible too!) and starting my workday feeling more “full”…happier and healthier so I can support my clients and team.

The first email I wrote to my 100% virtual team (who are all respecting physical restriction in their respective locations) was one reflecting on what our clients might need from us right now, reminding them that I am here for them, and also reminding them that we need to focus more than anything on being well.

I find in tough times like this, FEAR (an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real) kicks in. Worries about business and money lead, which creates dis-EASE (and often generates sickness).

While I am very mindful of physical distancing (I refuse to call this social distancing since we can still be social while we are restricting physical contact), I am focusing on HAPPINESS and HEALTH. By doing this (and only by doing this), we create the space and cultivate energy to be creative about generating WEALTH.

happy, healthy, wealthy





While you are on pause, take time to remember what makes you happy. Implement things that make you feel nourished and well, then when your foundation is more solid, focus on wealth. Wealth is more than money honey. We are paid equally to how much we are willing to think. Remember this.

Give yourself permission to pause.

Be well!