I don’t wait for observations like Valentine’s Day to give my love to the people who matter. (I do love the excuse to eat a ton of candy though!)

For all of my daughter’s years of life (she is 4) I say to her multiple times per week
“I love you today, and every day, in each and every possible way.” (She usually helps me complete the little love line she knows it so well!)

heart_wmt copy

I grew up in a home frequently devoid of love. I don’t remember cuddling, hugging (sadly, I didn’t really know how to give a real hug until I was a teen) and I was rarely told I was loved. In my house, love rules. Our house runs on “Learn, Give, Grow, Love and Laugh” mantra 🙂

We are put on this planet to love and be loved. This begins with love of self of course!

While I am not a subscriber of overpriced restaurant dinners and florist markups this time of year, I LOVE love and wanted to share the little love message to remind everyone that we can make a big difference to others with small steps.

If you have a saying or any lovely love lessons or tips you live by, please share them.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and a life with lots of love!