When I did my last move, I came across a lime-green notecard with these words and teared up. These simple steps have helped me so much in life. When I was in my mid 20’s, one of my undergraduate courses at Antioch University in Santa Barbara required students to create a personal code of ethics. My learning experience yielded this personal mantra:

Learn      Give      Grow      Love      Laugh

I had forgotten about the assignment, but the intention of these simple words have been so influential subconsciously. Successful people take responsibility for their lives. Whether you want happiness, more money, a better job, a healthier relationship, well-behaved children…(I could go on and on)….Remember that CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU.

When you choose how to live your life, you can manage it better. My life is not perfect, but the quality of my life has improved with age and experience because I apply a personal mantra that works with my personality.

If things go wrong at work, I learn from it. I feel nourished when I give my time to friends or my daughter’s school or my community. I grow by reading, taking courses, being around people who I want to be more like. I lead with love. Even if I am angry with someone, I make a point to remember what I love about them and lead with love for others as well as myself. And I would shrivel up if I didn’t laugh – this allows me to embrace the good, the bad and even the ugly. 🙂

It’s never too late to create a personal mantra. You can Google “how to create a personal mantra” for ideas.

Happy personal development!