“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”  -David Frost

Have you ever had that feeling of being on a long journey, pausing to stop and not being super-sure of where you are at, or that you are going where you want to go?

I have. And very intensely lately. I have been running my business since 2005. Instead of wanting to celebrate last December, I feel more like I stopped, took a deep breath, looked around and asked myself… “is this what I want?”.

This is what I want to some degree, but as I reflect on this journey, I see that I have not arrived… I need to travel more and take more people with me.

Running my web marketing agency is something I love and believe in. I LOVE supporting passionate entrepreneurs and I am a huge evangelist for the power web marketing offers to brand, build and boost small business. I have seen the power of my firm’s work put companies and professionals on the map. McGraw-Hill hired me to write an online marketing book. Speaking at conferences has allowed me to travel to wonderful places and as my company has grown, so has my ability to provide for the people who work for me. To a lot of people, “I have made it.” But was I look at Frost’s quote, I also see that I need to look up and get back to the organic roots of what I love.

I believe that web-based business offers women the ability to live happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyles. And I LOVE (sloppy, drippy, oozy, goozy love!) helping women tap this power to do what the love and make money honey!

Ten years into my business journey, I have been very focused on the steps, moving forward, working IN the business, keeping it going. And while I work ON the business – sales, marketing, administrative work, management processes, etc., I have not had enough “big water breaks” where I REALLY stop, reflect, refuel and check my map before I proceed.

This time as I look at my course, I am not only stopping and refueling, but I am also re-tooling.

When I got on this wild, wacky wonderful web-based-business path so many years ago, I did it for a number of reasons, one of them was to satiate my desire for a healthier lifestyle, another to work in web marketing minus the confines of corporate life. As I have grown personally and professionally on this journey, I have also evolved into a wild web woman. Thanks to being able to work virtually via my web-based business, I have been able to manage my career and help others start and grow theirs. Blossoming into a “wild web woman®” was an unexpected bonus…and also a gift that I need to share to help others.

I not only believe in being a wild web woman®, I believe other women are sitting on the sidelines professionally. They are not putting their talents and abilities to work in a way that works to support the lifestyles they truly want. What I love is teaching how marketing can help with this, and the other critical legs of business- administrative, operations…even the mindset and support system needed.

Do what you love and success will come naturally.

Success is the accomplishment of an “aim” or a “purpose”.

We are never truly successful unless we are living a life that is on purpose.

I encourage you to stop and critically evaluate what you love and believe in….what you REALLY LOVE AND BELIEVE IN and see if your path is supporting that.

If you need support on this journey, www.WildWebWomen.com is THE place to participate!