“Life has no remote….get up and change it yourself!”
― Mark A. Cooper

One of my dear friends is feeling overwhelmed. She is bringing work home with her, isn’t getting enough “off” time, personal priorities are taking a backseat to work and she isn’t feeling like she has reached her true professional potential.

Can you relate? I know I can. I’ve been there many times and can’t count how many times I’ve regressed to these scenarios.

This quote reminds me that when life is not on a good channel, that I have to stop passively watching and get up and on top of things.

We can change our direction when we stop focusing on what we DON’T want and shift our attention on what we DO want.

Know what you want. Own what you want.

I did a blog post on knowing and owning what you want that gives a compass to use to help steer things in a new direction. It is critical to know what you want (you can’t work towards something if the direction is not clear!)

Women are notorious for putting themselves last. One of the main reasons is that we end up taking a back seat to success is that we say yes (verbally and nonverbally) to sooooo much. One of the first steps to owning what you want is saying NO to things that are getting in your way (I call this NO-ing what you want!)

The other big barrier to getting what you want is taking the steps to get there is waiting for the “right moment”. There is no such thing. Do I have time to be writing this blog post? No. There is work to do, laundry to clean, calls to make, the list goes on and on.

Writing to help other women (and wild web women!) claim their happiness, health and wealth rocks my world so I carve out time to write. No apologies, no guilt, I’m owning what I want. 🙂

Whenever you feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated with life, remember that happiness is a choice and your course of life can be altered…not always immediately, but small steps do compound to make a big difference.

Don’t Like Something? Stand Up and Change It!

I suggested to my girlfriend that she envision her ideal situation (personally and professionally). She was struggling even doing this so I said to envision what her ideal life looked like in 10 years.

I suggest you do this as well. Remove your “serious adult hat” and think about this with a completely open mind.

This is your life, your show! <3