Web-based business (work-from-home, work-from-anywhere) is so wildly wonderful. So wonderful, I talked about this in depth in my first Wild Web Women newsletter.

While the flexibility and limitless nature of having a business without walls is wonderful, having other women to share your experiences, challenges, questions and ideas with takes success to new levels.

In the 10+ years I have run Web Marketing Therapy, I saw the dire need to help women launch and grow their web-based businesses..not just with marketing that I do through my digital marketing agency, but help, advice and support with the the entire business – operations, sales, even administrative advice…affordably, effectively…all through the power of community, led by women who have done it successfully.

I invite you to read and share this newsletter with other women with web-based businesses. If you have ideas, stories or thoughts, don’t hesitate to connect with me on my website or via social media. I LOVE helping wonderful women  brand, build and boost your businesses to support the lifestyles they want and deserve.