I love indulging in weekly Wednesday morning coffee gatherings with my fabulous mom friends. Today I arrived unshowered, no makeup, trading typical “hellos” for a more grandiose greeting -pulling off my ski cap to showcase my unruly, sticky-outy hair. I felt a badge of working mom honor hearing their oohs and ahhs as they admired my mismanaged appearance.

After catching up with my tribe, I walked home (love that I can do that!) and stopped at the local coffee shop in my neighborhood to get a detox elixir drink. Before you think “ooh healthy”, know that I only drank the lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and sea salt liquid to offset the two gigantic frosting and sprinkle donuts and two cups of coffee I ingested with my galpals. I take big bites out of life, including always taking huge bites out of sweet glazed goodness when presented with the chance!

lorrie-houchin-thomas-webI walked into the house, walked into the kitchen, threw water into my coffee cup, opened my laptop at the counter and started my workday. For a moment, I was overtaken by a wave of mixed emotion. At first I thought it was the sugar and caffeine taking over my immune system, but the the tingling sensation was something bigger. It was feeling pride, gratitude, humility and excitement. Then I had an “ah-ha” moment.

I am SO Lucky! My Job is Really Freaking Cool!

And not just cool, but REALLY freaking unreal cool. I always feel fortunate to have my own web-based business (now two companies with the launch of www.WildWebWomen.com), but today I was reminded of how all the little benefits of working from home compound to make BIG bodacious “I love my job!” business benefits.

Why I Love My Work-From-Home Job
*These love bullets are in no particular order – they are just flowing before I crash completely into my donut-belly coma.

  • No dress code. I can work in my pajamas, sweats, wedding dress, whatever I want. Nobody can see me behind the laptop!
  • I don’t have to commute to an office. In fact, I haven’t owned a car since 2014!
  • I set my own schedule.
  • No water cooler talk, interruptions, weirdo coworkers I have to avoid. I can sign out of Google chat and Facebook messenger and silence my phone then voila! I can focus.
  • I work for clients I love. Companies I can truly stand behind. People I want to serve and support in any way I can.
  • My coworkers are people I love, respect and admire.
  • Health is a priority (donut cheating exceptions permitted).
  • My work is meaningful. My coworkers are friends, many of my clients have become friends and I am so thankful for the long-term relationships I have with the people I have the pleasure of serving.
  • No mindless meetings. I do not miss “meetings for the sake of meetings” from corporate cubicle life.
  • I choose my work, it does not choose me.
  • My passions are not pushed aside because of my profession. My web-based work molds around my passions.
  • I have the reins of my career.

I could go on and on, but the distinction of home-based business, lifestyle business, web-based business (whatever you want to call it) really allows you to harness a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

happy, healthy, wealthy

I still pinch myself that I get to have coffee dates with my wonderful mom tribe in the middle of the workweek…I’m glad I took a moment to document all the other reasons why I love my work-from-home job too!

If you are ever wondering how to launch, build or grow a web-based business, reach out to me, I’d love to help. I coach wonderful women in business so they too can live the personal and professional lives they want and deserve!