This website design was years overdue. My last site had a photo that didn’t look like me (I cut all my hair off a few years ago), it wasn’t responsive (meaning it didn’t automatically adapt to tablets and mobile phones) and the messaging was totally off brand and off purpose.

The guilt of living the “cobbler with no shoes” analogy was getting overwhelming. There I was, managing website redesigns and helping my clients voice their value and values, yet I was neglecting my own site and brand.

I realize now that this redesign was more than just “another website”. It represented letting go of the past and what wasn’t working for me and owning my real purpose.

This is my old site. In 2012, this site was the schizzle. It really represented where I was at professionally.


When I moved from Santa Barbara to Atlanta in 2014 (my husband’s work drove the move), the physical break gave me the gift of space, which I used to break down what really mattered and had some personal and professional breakthroughs!

The work that really, really rocks my world is about helping inspiring leaders voice their value and values to brand, build and boost business. Being wildly clear about this attracts other leaders who are equally “wild” about their work which allows me to spend my time working for ideal clients.

Today, the people who work for me are truly aligned with my company mission. My team loves providing stress-free marketing advice and support to our wonderful clients. They also love web-based business – no offices, flexible work and are very clear on their value and values and life very “on purpose” lives.

Being true to yourself is the best present you can give yourself – personally and professionally.

This new site is clean, clear, copy is short and tons of pages from the old site are gone.

Doors have to close for new ones to open. I love this new “feng-shui’ed” site and can’t wait to share more here!