These simple questions help make decision-making/steering so simple:

Does it work for me?

If not, how could/would it work for me?

I shared these questions and my #1 self-management mantra for the first time last year when I was speaking to a group of amazing businesswomen in Chicago. In the Q/A session, lots of business issues were coming up – managing challenging vendors, handling crossroads with business partners, managing work and personal, sales struggles and more… the more we talked, the more I could see a pattern. Lots of these businesswomen were feeling weak and powerless.

I told them how I used this personal and professional self-management mantra to steer things in my life (and actually made them say it out loud -twice to feel the empowerment!):

That does not work for me. *Say it twice out loud and really feel your personal power come through!

In the chaos of daily life, it is often so easy to get caught up in the noise of it all – managing work, family, friends, finances, health and more! When you respect yourself by doing a simple self-check in before you proceed with decisions, the people around you will respect you more too.

Respect is reciprocal. It starts with you.

I love sharing easy ways to diffuse things that seem difficult. I will be posting here more and on my company blogs so stay tuned!

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