I first saw this quote on a stunning sculpture outside of Atlanta’s Center for Civil and Human Rights. I read Nelson Mandela’s powerful words as water flowed over them, tearing up as I read these words over and over:

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
-Nelson Mandela

When I started my work-from-anywhere business in 2005, I was on a mission to free myself. I was in my late 20’s and was so sick and tired of being chained to my employer and commute. I wanted to do the work I loved, but on my terms.

My digital marketing company grew from being just me to a fabulous team of people I love, all of us working in locations that we choose for personal reasons and working on our terms.

I wasn’t just free from my cubicle and car anymore. I was free to work with who I wanted, when I worked, how I worked and what causes I supported.

I was enjoying my freedom, but I wanted more.

The “ah-ha” came to me a few years ago after speaking at a women’s conference in Chicago (on the subject of social media marketing and personal branding). I left the event after giving a lively talk. The women were laughing, taking photos of my slides as I led them through a fun (but critical) lesson, and after I wrapped up, I found myself fielding a flood of questions about marketing….and far beyond.

  • How do I manage employees if I don’t have an office?
  • How do you get your partner/friends/family to understand and respect that just because you are home doesn’t mean that you aren’t working?
  • How do I justify raising my prices and commanding income that aligns with my worth?

The questions went on and on – topics were personal, professional, sales, marketing, self-worth, guilt, stress. I remember coming back to my hotel room and opening the door to greet my husband and daughter and my eyes were wide open. I think my husband probably thought I flopped my talk, but instead I told him that I knew what I needed to be doing and it was going to be more than marketing…

I need to teach women success strategies to brand, build and boost businesses to BE FREE to create happier, healthier and wealthier lives…the lives  they want…AND DESERVE!

Wild Web Women® was born. It is so rewarding to teach women the tips, tricks and tools that my all-women (and one guy!) team have built to be free to do the work we love, with people we love, supporting what matters. As more women architect careers that allow them to to work they love, on their terms, the world is going to shift in a powerful way.

Freedom for ourselves is amazing, helping others claim their freedom is pure bliss.