This is a real photo from the guest bathroom of my house.  Not only has the toilet paper roll gone un-replaced, but the roll on the toilet bowl is almost empty.  SERIOUSLY??!!!

leaving toilet paper roll
It’s time to give a shit. Replace the dang toilet paper roll why don’t ya?

Leaving an empty toilet paper roll says one or more of these things:

  • I don’t give a shit
  • I’m too lazy to care
  • I feel entitled to have other people pick up after me

It’s bad enough to not replace an empty toilet paper roll, but to be almost done with another one represents days (or weeks for some of us who conserve more) of lack of consideration.  This photo represents a choice in responsibility, care for one’s surroundings, and approach to life.

This lack of action is a choice and symbolic of choices we make in life.  

Those of us who want to rock and roll, get our lives on a roll, who can roll with the punches (ok, ok, you get the play on words) are more likely to take proactive steps.

You want your life to be on a positive roll? Start simple – replace that damn toilet paper roll.

Change begins with me. I will take responsibility and replace my house guest’s toilet paper roll in hopes that leadership by example might start a better tomorrow.