I was introduced to this beautiful quote was last year by one of my coworkers at Web Marketing Therapy. She sent it to me to share on our Wild Web Women Facebook page. Her timing couldn’t have been better, as I needed wise words for a client who was at a professional fork in the road, I have shared it with many clients since then. Every time I read it I feel empowered and confident. I was inspired to share this here after sending it to a new client last week who needed this message desperately.

New Business

The woman I spoke with last week had a very impressive background, the problem was that she didn’t tell her story in a way that was going to sell her story.

She explained (in a very tired sounding voice) that she had helped an entrepreneur grow his company and was retained by him for years (despite him being very difficult to work for) and he eventually decided to bring her skills in-house. She was looking for new clients, but the way she explained her professional story was not going to attract business. She made it sound like he let her go, which was very negative, when in fact, her story was super positive!

I told her that she had to reframe her story to sell new clients. She needed to get clear on what she wanted too so she was attracting ideal clients. I say “Know what you want, to own what you want.” I reminded her that a consultant’s job is to solve problems, which she did with her optimizations and new systems. And there is no guaranteed job – whether you are an employee or a contractor. Doors have to close for new ones to open. Yes, the consistent business from this large client was nice for her, but working for someone who isn’t nice to work for can’t ever pay enough!  I encouraged her to say instead like, “In one of my last projects, I took my client’s business to new levels with my expertise, creating systems and strategies that were so successful that the client was able to eventually manage them in house. I am so excited to help more companies do the same.”

I also suggested she speak with a smile because the tone of her words would make or break her.

“I am at the threshold of a new business life. I am strong and creative as I step toward my new opportunity. The very gifts that have served me in the past, serve me know. I walk ahead with confidence and conviction in my own competence.”
– Julia Cameron

Saying these words out loud will bring forth energy, confidence and a fresh perspective. We have to remember that how we explain things to others can attract or repel so remember to frame your message in a way that works in a positive way!