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You do all you do with passion and purpose. You work hard, but feel you aren’t getting to play hard, or harder than you work. Sometimes you feel like you are in a FOG (driven by Fatigue, Obligation and Guilt), wondering if you are on the right path.

Wondering if things will get better…

You Aren’t Alone

Imagine if your days were led with full clarity, working AND living on-brand and on-purpose, feeling energized and nourished with meaningful, beautifully paid work and an abundance of time for play, growing your business gorgeously with grace and ease.

Imagine how fabulous your life can and will be – personally and professionally when you show up in your unique beauty.

Years ago, my life looked perfect, I had a successful business, a wonderful husband, two homes, hit the gym 3-5 days a week and was volunteering, “doing it all and being it all.” One night, after meeting with two clients back-to-back then doing a late night volunteer meeting, I drove my car off the road, miraculously saved by bushes that caught my car. I was a foot away from a wood telephone pole and two support beams. I didn’t see my turn because I didn’t have my brights on in the night fog. That “fog” (as in FOG – Fatigue, Obligation and Guilt) was a metaphor for my life. On paper, I had worked so hard to create a lifestyle business that my employees were enjoying (and I wasn’t) and my work was driving me. I was a human DOing, not a human Being!

My accident was my wake-up call to shine the brights on my life and get clear on what I wanted.

It was the shift I needed to re-root, sow and grow my life in gorgeous ways. I began to change the way I showed up in life and for the first time in a long time, I was in the driver’s seat and my path to success was clear. My company hit the 7-figure mark and never went back once I was aligned. Helping others do the same lights me up.

unapologetic_leader_program_retreatsI’m Lorrie Thomas Ross. I’m a transformational guide who helps intentional leaders show up unapologetically – personally and professionally. My magic helps lovely leaders get clarity to work and live on-brand and on-purpose lives.

If you are a driven, purpose-based leader who feels like you are spinning your wheels and aren’t clear on how to get where you want to go, then you are at the right place. I developed my Unapologetic Leader Program to help lovely leaders go from FOG to CLARITY, supporting you with my guidance, retreats and full marketing optimization support (yes, you read that correctly) to get your work aligned, redefined and going in the right direction. I have run my marketing agency since 2005. I have a dream team of marketing pros – copywriters, web designers, graphic artists, social media marketers and more that can support, train and help you get your foundation optimized to support the work and life you want.

Too many leaders try to transform on their own and end up driving around in circles, doing a lot of work and seeing the same results. When you don’t invest in high-level support to guide you, you just keep spending. Your logo, social media or website is not going to make you successful. YOU, leading unapologetically, working on yourself is the core…then we optimize, marketing and operations so it supports what you really want.

Over the course of 6 months, we will transform your:

  • Brand narrative (explaining what you do clearly and compellingly, with my guidance to articulate your magic to your ideal audience)
  • Two 3-day retreats to help you disconnect to reconnect what you want to how your work supports this. Retreats will be customized to include time with me and one of my team members to include a workshop to outline all the work you do so we create content that is on-brand and on-purpose
  • Personal branding (coordinating hair, clothing consultation, style advisory) if needed
  • Photography (photo shoot – coordinating with photographers, being on location for the shoot, supporting with creative direction)
  • Website redesign (logo refresh if needed, elevated website with new photography, copy, search optimization, blog, project management, creative direction)
  • Social media optimization to reflect the new brand
  • Business advisory and marketing support from me and my team during the 6-month process to align/transform all marketing
  • Creating marketing assets including letterhead for proposals, PowerPoint template, business cards, social media templates (if needed) and 3 blog posts to support the relaunch of your new site
  • Training your team so they support you with social media

The 6-month program will be front-loaded in months 1-3 (kicking off with the retreat) to get the wheels in motion with a follow up retreat 2-3 months in.

If you are interested in pricing, contact me to book a conversation call.

**Photography and lodging will be a paid for outside of this program. We can also book hair, makeup and style experts if desired. I will coordinate the experts – you do what you do best, I am here to support you with the rest!

It’s time to voice your value and your values to align to your desires.

It’s time to give yourself the space and be in a place to grow on your terms. I’m the container. You are the storage. It’s time to download. I’ve got you. My magic is hearing what stays and what goes.

If you are ready to work and live on your terms, unapologetically, then I’d love to have a conversation.