I am SO excited to launch Wild Web Women, my new support site for women with web-based businesses this year. Be sure to sign up on www.WildWebWomen.com for updates! Over the last few months, I have been talking with future members of the community, current clients who I modeled the new site for, and reflecting on a question I have been asked a lot lately…..

Who IS a Wild Web Woman?

Before I get to that exact answer, let me begin by saying that In all my wildest dreams, being a “wild web woman” was never a vision I had for myself…or for others. All I knew was that the traditional work world was NOT for me.  I wanted a job where I could have freedom, flexibility, travel and most importantly, a job where I could help people achieve their dreams.

Over the years, I have been so fortunate to work with passionate professionals via my marketing firm Web Marketing Therapy, teaching university workshops and speaking at conferences. I have worked for doctors, lawyers, therapists, speakers, authors, estheticians, CPAs, financial advisors, and designers (to name a few). I have also been hired to help online retail companies, universities, institutions, banks, nonprofits, medical facilities as well as health and beauty practices.

While the professionals and industries I serve are consistently inconsistent, the common pattern is that my clients all provide tremendous value to the people they serve (I only work for companies I align with ethically…my company, my rules!). What my web marketing company does is help clients voice their values because it’s not the art or the science of marketing that propels business, it’s the heart that is the core of success.

I love my work, my team is amazing and my clients are wonderful. But my work is not done. What I have also realized over the last decade running a company with the web as our “office” is how freaking much I love being a wild web woman! My career path is not just about being a consultant, speaker, author or teacher.

Because of the wonderful web, I have been able to create a lifestyle that allows me to make family the #1 priority, build a fantastic career,  stay healthy and….(this is the best part…) have FUN!!!

I am SO EXCITED to launch Wild Web Women® (WWW) to help teach my wild web sisters how to voice their value and values to brand, build and boost their web businesses! WWW will be teaching everything from sales, marketing, operations, management and life balance (yes, there is such a thing). Web-based businesses RULE! Without the wild, wonderful web, my team and I at Web Marketing Therapy wouldn’t have been able to raise our families, run our households, volunteer, travel and make money honey!

A Wild Web Woman:

  • Knows her value professionally
  • Has very clear values
  • Is ready to voice them to attract ideal clients
  • Wants to have a job that does not require her to confined to a physical location
  • Knows how to self-manage
  • Is ready to self-educate and do the work
  • Understands the importance of working ON her business as much as she works IN it
  • Loves the work she does
  • Makes health a priority (you can’t pour from an empty cup, right!?)
  • Is willing to embrace the wild, wonderful web to brand, build and boost business
  • Craves community to learn from and contribute to
  • Accepts that she cannot do everything on her own
  • Wants to make money to support herself, her family and her community

Does this sound like you? To get updates about our launch, visit www.WildWebWomen.com and be sure to join our email list!